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Dawn said: 'We would be walking along the street and he would complain that his legs were hurting.At first I just thought he was lazy but then I noticed there were certain things he couldn’t do, like cross his legs during assembly at school.'Dawn said: 'The day before we were told, the doctor rang up and told us to come in and said that I should bring someone with me. I thought it might even be cancer because his hair used to fall out so easily.'There was so little information available about progeria at that time that I basically had to teach myself everything.Former "Happy Days" star Erin Moran has had a rough year.

However, he was forced to quit when he was unable to get his tiny 4ft 1in frame over the cars’ bonnets.If you have ever watched Rising Hope and the Riches, you probably know who Shannon Woodward is but that is not the context here as we have already sensed, you are here to know much more personal stuff about her.Well, being an actress herself, she dated a fellow actor, but the couple split. You’ll find the reasons below with details relating her split and again dating rumors.Hayley stands in at a statuesque 5’7″ filling the shoes of petite 5’1″ Kristen Alderson but to top that off TPTB had Kristen Alderson dye her hair dark when she started the role of Kiki Jerome yet when they hire the replacement they brought in a tall blonde.GH fans did not take too kindly to the whole new physical appearance of Kiki Jerome.

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