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Note that this will not unlock from the Sim you used to complete the Woo Hoo Goal since you had to raise the relationship past the Dating Point)(Visit a Neighbor's Town and find a Sim Home with a Pre Teen who has the Pre Teen Bookshelf in their room - select the Sci-Fi Book Action from it to complete this goal. If you invest in a 'guest house' too you are more likely to attract other players ;) Guest Does your sim know/have a choice is if you date a neighbor or if they date you? Me and a friend are trying to get our sims to date eachother and move in but hes at a different level in our relationship in his game with my sim then i am on my game with his sim...our games co-join at some point where we can play together and date at the same time or do our sims have no idea when other neighbors take intrest in us? I'll get my new town built up quickly and will soon be helpful to the rest of you.

Note that this action will NOT appear in a regular bookshelf)(To complete this goal you will need to use the Be Nice Action to raise your relationship to Best Friend, then the Be Romantic Option to raise it to the point where the Woo Hoo Action unlocks, then use the Woo Hoo Action to complete the goal) jbdean I'm not getting ANY of the quests you list.

It is believed that there was a Saxon building within the Motts which would probably have been on stilts and made of wood.

There is little record of what happened during this time.I turned to other activities at the gym instead, like Zumba and Kickboxing, classes I felt were more my speed.But as a freshman in college, settling into a new environment, meeting new people, and taking challenging classes put a lot of stress on my body and mind. Although my first class of yoga as an older, more mature me seemed a little daunting at first I needed an activity that would relieve some of the stress I was feeling by the end of week.While my exes tried to be supportive, eventually they have had a problem with always coming third in my life, never spending the holidays with them because every year might very well be Dad's last Christmas, having to deal with me crying after getting off the phone with my mother because she was saying I spent too much time with some boy instead of my parents who need me, etc., etc. And I couldn't deny that it was reasonable of my exes to want to come first with me, or at least higher on the priority list.But still, Dying Parent Guilt has to come higher than someone I date, not to mention trying to keep my mother from having a meltdown.

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