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One came up to the cell and straight up shot Gayruto in the head."That's what you get for making a shitty anime you fucking weeaboo," the guard said. For example you are identical to an existing character but your hair is a different color and your name is slightly different.""Does that mean you are one as well? Sometimes the writer of our world will change and the text will be written differently.""When do we know that's happening? All according to keikaku (T/N note: keikaku means plan). His face was partially covered by a mask, and there was a sick lens-flare effect going off. He walked forward, up to Rough, taking her hand and kissing it. "GET THE FUCK OFF MY GIRL YOU PIECE OF ASS SHIT" He yelled with a furious roar."Calm down, good sir." Ichino responded, tipping his fedora again. The world invented space travel to escape the world of Fanfiction.

"You were the worst kind of worst kind."Nac wasn't even traumatized. However upon returning this world was not what it used to be. He shone some sort of radiance."Who the hell are you, fuckwit? "You see, I was simply complimenting your acquaintance…""Fuck you too." Rough snapped."FRIENDZONED AGAIN" yelled Ichino, turning into a giant lemur on a computer chair. They proceeded to run rampant on the outside world, eventually dooming the fate of mankind and themselves.

Chapter 1It was a dark and stormy night at the local KFC. "I DEMAND A SACRIFICE"He then promptly turned into a dragon and burned down the estate, as everyone who eats at KFC lives at KFC. ""NO MY FRIEND" He responded, "THIS IS PUNISHMENT FOR CRIME I DO""What the hell did you do then? x D" she exclaimed in a super kawaii desu voice."i luv u kiss meee" he replied unwillingly. And then the world reverted back."That was fucking weird." Nac said. "We could always start a rebellion, a resistance force."An idea popped into Nac's head. "At some point there will probably end up being an earthquake where everyone's super macho.

His eyes started to twitch and he made weird noises."Um…" The cashier quivered. The entire rest of the night was Gayruto shouting nonsense with poor grammar until the guards noticed and got sick of him. She had the most gorgeous face to him and had wings like a dragon."What do they call you? They basically create us through copying an existing character and barely changing them. They broke out of the jail and flew away as planned. "The man who's gonna steal yo' girl."The smoke faded, revealing a 400-pound, fedora-tipping man with a massive neckbeard and dreads. I find great pride in dating fine women, practicing atheism, and basking in my own intelligence." He responded. World peace was obtained that day, with the city being restored to it's greatest golden age ever.

Donal Logue was born in Canada to Irish parents; the Logues emigrated to Boston, but Donal has never become a US Citizen (he continues to hold Irish and Canadian passports).

When he was eight, he moved to Nogalez, Arizona and stayed in Mexican border towns for ten years during which time he was a "desert rat with east coast sensibilities".

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Sex matches: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius Take this quiz at Quiz -Jen WMy Space Layouts*~* Scroll images by *~*PICS OF ME*~* *~*~*well i am a 24 year old female just recently completed my courses in business technology and plan to further my college experiences to computer programming. ------------------------------------------------------------to-day.. running with sisers made a fake profile, stole maws favrit picture and called me bad things. I am single and Looking for a Nice Loyal woman to spend my off time with! snowboardin, surfin, and watever else comes up...i plan on travelin a lot just dont know where yet....i mean i been to australia, hawaii, chicago, and florida but i want to find somewhere way different from our life pretty chill unless i feel locked up then idk haha...i enjoy paintballin, skateboardin, fixin cars, and a lot of other sports...i have an awesome family and kick ass friends and im willin to meet more so hit me want to know more about me get at me...lates... any thing more well I work in a lumber yard bore so you could say I'm a lumber man snooze lol If any one reads this yah right. 1025 1050 1075 1100 1125 1150 1175 1200 1225 1250 1251 1252 1253 1254 1255 1256 1257 1258 1259 1260 1261 1262 1263 1264 1265 1266 1267 1268 1269 1270 1271 1272 1273 1274 1275 1300 1325 1350 1375 1400 1425 1450 1475 1500 2000 2500 2868 Jen VMyspace Codes: My Nice _ Created @ My Space I was born & raised in Philly so i am a huge and fan GO TEAM ATTACK KAWASAKI - 1st & 2nd DAYTONA One of my biggest turns on is a If you ask me thier is nothing like a in between your legs to make you kitty purr - Glitter Graphics - - Glitter Graphics - Aries You are so full of energy, you constantly attract hotties, and you are always the dominant one in the sack. I want to git to know you and bring you to meet maw. If to you it means not replying to your message that says "hey, whats up? A question I've never answered before or an idea that makes me think.It is very easy for you approach people because you have so much confidence and you are very forward about your feelings. Just one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet. I like the libry cause I dont git itrenet at home and they let me sit her and use ter intrenet. Also just because I've met you in real life doesn't mean That I'll talk to you on here. "We apologize for the inconvenience."Upon hearing this, something in Nac's brain flipped a switch. "I'M NOT OKAY" He then went up to the nearest person and flipped their tray."What da fuck man? "MY FELLOW NINJA PUNISH FOR CRIME MY"Nac stopped talking to him immediately. "Why the fuck does everyone I meet sound like a ripoff of something else.""Because we all are." Rough replied, "We're all something that the outside world around us calls 'OCs'. "We'll see when it does."Chapter 4The optimal earthquake happened 8 months later. The man at the door, still a silhouette in the smoke, chuckled. Our hero for the story, Nac Dragqueen, was ordering an extra large bucket of fried chicken for him and his black friend Antoine."I'll order an extra large bucket of dolla dolla friend chicken," Said Nac. " He said, confused."I said, I'll order an extra large bucket of fried chicken." Nac said slower, flipping his bright magenta hair. "We're out of fried chicken," He said after the silence. " Nac asked."I MAKE SEVERAL MEN STROKE COCK AROUND FOUNTAIN OF LOVE IN AREA PUBLIC" He responded. Rough the Vulture." She answered."That's a shitty name," Nac cracked. We break out of this place then and fly away."Rough nodded. That was until the door to the Burger King exploded in a fiery blaze."WHO THE FUCK INTERRUPTS A DATE" Nac shouted.

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    (Those who were living in pain for a very long time, that's who.) So starting over looks different for every person, especially depending on what your marriage looked like in the day-to-day, who initiated the divorce, and how long you were married.“But, I was concerned with the behavior and at some point I did question it.” Jordan responded to her interview by apologizing for destroying her glass garage door, garage door, outdoor security camera and Range Rover in the August 15th incident.