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"It's really cool, it's really fun, especially when I travel, I go out there and meet regular avid users who are working really hard, it's just like 'ahh, that's so cool'," he says.

"People are out there working on Wikipedia in Kannada [an Indian language].

The founder of Wikipedia, the hugely popular user-edited online encyclopedia, interrupted a speaking tour across four continents to spend Halloween with his daughter Kira.

"I love Halloween, I am going to dress as a banana," he says.

Teachers continue to fight against the copy/pasting from Wikipedia articles and literature from Sparknotes.

On the other hand, students love video tutorials on You Tube which explain tough mathematical problems and keep in touch with their educators with the use of blogs.

These Tempe scene legends are hosting a post-Circus Mexicus gathering of sorts with Tramps & Thieves.

They’ve also just finished recording a 12-song followup to “Shine,” their first release on Fervor Records.

Thousands of people who have never met Mr Wales, or each other, spend their lives in front of their laptops working remotely, yet collaboratively, to expand Wikipedia's 10m entries and ensure errors are quickly expunged.

On weekends listeners hear a wide variety of talk, entertainment and adventure programming. Environment Canada provides weather forecasts and warnings 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help protect the safety and security of Canadians and their property.

Jimmy Wales spent last Friday night walking around St Petersburg, Florida, dressed as a banana.

Lawrence Zubia, a man I’ve often thought of as the most compelling local front man of his generation, says, “It's the best thing we've ever done.

It is great and we love it.” Stay tuned for more details on that record.

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