Dating off online rip

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But the alleged rip-off only amounts to just a few bucks per person.

“It is a small amount of money for one individual but this is a class action so, the cumulative over the last 4 years, all those people in California that have cancelled within a month and being charged for that difference, it adds up to a lot of money which we believe is about 5 million dollars,” the attorney said.

If you have a My Space account, this type of luring is rampant for the site Spammers have even been phishing people's personal accounts in order to spam their friends with ads for this site and others. But you must keep in mind that these are sites which exist to make money.Money first, your chance of finding someone a very, very distant second. Then I met someone off there who turned into a boyfriend and it lasted almost 2 years. It's just like meeting people any place else, there is good and bad.I wouldn't be surprised if some online dating sites purposely get people to respond to your ad to hook you into at least a months worth of membership.Is a "low" price of only .95 per month (9.40 a year) really worth it?

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